2015 Safety School
August 25 - 26, 2015
Asmark Institute Agricenter
14171 Carole Drive
Bloomington, IL
2014 Conference Photos
Donnie Dippel
Keynote speaker, Donnie Dippel, President of Texas Ag Industries Association, explains the effects of the West Fertilizer explosion and how it has impacted our industry. Donnie and his association have been an integral part of the process with the investigation into the West, TX incident that occured in April 2013.
Thomas Bray
Thomas Bray, Transportation Editor with J.J. Keller & Associates, discusses the finer points of the new challenges for driver compliance. Tom has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years and is a valuable resource to the safety school.
Bill Basham, James Moore & Donnie Dippel
Bill Basham, BBT, Inc. President, James Moore, Eastern U.S. EHS Manager for CPS and Donnie Dippel, Texas Ag Industries Association President, catch up during a break. Over 150 participants attended the 2014 Safety School.
Brian Bothast
Lively as always, Brian Bothast, Compliance Specialist with OSHA, keeps things interesting during his presentation. Brian is a regular presenter at the safety school due to his vast experience and knowledge and he always has fresh material that is relevant and timely, making him a popular presenter with the attendees.
Chad Colby
Attendees participate in an UAV demonstration given by Chad Colby, Ag Technology Expert with Ag Tech Talk, during his presentation of the Future of Drones in Ag.
Billy Pirkle
Billy Pirkle, Senior Director of EHS for Crop Production Services, and also ResponsibleAg board chairman, helps to answer some questions about the new ResponsibleAg program. ResponsibleAg was a hot topic with attendees who wanted to learn more about how the program will work.